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Salaam and welcome! Here I'd like to introduce the motivation behind starting Myra Kids as an online retail store for Muslim baby clothing. 

As a Muslim immigrant to North America, I have always appreciated the kaleidoscope of cultures and religions around me. However, it wasn't until I became a mother that I realized how much was lacking in the market for Muslim babies and young children. All I wanted was a onesie that would merge modern pop culture references with Islam to celebrate Ramadan so I could put it on my child and show off to friends and family.

After spending forever looking for a modern and minimalistic onesie that just said 'Keep Calm It's Ramadan', I gave up the search and decided to make one for my baby myself.

This was the catalyst to what is now Myra Kids. I design onesies/bodysuits and t-shirts that I think modern Muslim moms like myself would love to buy for their babies to celebrate Islam while living in the West. Each item on this website is made to order, which takes roughly 5-7 business days before it is shipped out to clients. 

Muslim Baby Clothing

My first design on this store was 'But First, Eidi', which has so far been the best selling item here, presumably because Eid is just around the corner. 

My goal is to continue expanding Myra Kids into brand not just for Muslim babies, but for children and adults as well. At the moment, Amazon is able to print and ship some of my designs within the United States, so if you would like to order outfits to match with your baby, youth and adult sizes are available on our Shop Amazon page.

Eventually I would like to expand Myra Kids into more than just clothes. I'd like to share the gift of Islam with the newest members of our Ummah and create an experience that makes my child proud to be a Muslim. 

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